Who we are

Expert Perspective consists of national and international professionals who have vast experience in international development, government and private sectors. The individuals provide expert advice and services in fundraising, project management, capacity building, research-documentation and organizational development.

Our Goal:

To support individuals and organizations to optimize the delivery of services for sustainable development of the target group/community.

Our Mission:

To work with non-profit agencies, professionals and funders to empower marginalized people and communities across the world.

Our Values:

We are committed to social justice and transformative change. Our values include:

  • Respect for diversity and knowledge of clients/partners
  • Promoting participation and empowerment
  • Building partnerships for greater impact/ growth

Our Clientele:

We follow a four step experiential learning approach to serve our clientele as below:

  • Non-profit agencies
  • Charities
  • Civil Society organizations
  • International development organization
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit professionals